Is there a way to..

… AUTOMATICLY add a track directly to the “BOTTOM” of the list of automix when drag and drop it anywhere on the concerned area.
That ! would be a nice option to select or not… in prefs…

Hi Jean,

If you click on a song and hit “Enter”, then it will automatically be added to the bottom of the queue.

Oh OK. In this case, you can also try: ctrl-click -> Add to Queue. Though, this only works within djay, not from Finder.

Feel free to post this an “idea” here in our forum. :slight_smile:

Hey Warren,
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
Sometimes, i drag and drop full albums…songs… from folders on my desktop.
Not a big deal… but could be handy to have this feature…
Thanks again,

and, while i gotcha…
do you think an option in prefs like : < enable ‘itunes linked’ song rating > could be
implemented in DJAY for the future…
Thanks warren :wink:

"I would like to be able to “RATE " tracks in DJAY==linked to Itunes.
Can’t find a way to do this… nothing in contextual menu “control-click”… too bad, cuz i’m listening to all my libraries through DJAY, not using itunes anymore… since YEARS in fact.”

Already did… thanks :slight_smile: