DJAY & NUMARK MIXDECK QUAD. Hello, I have the new Numark Mixdeck Quad, but when I use the CUE button on the mix deck, it creates a new CUE point instead of jumping to the marked QUE point…


Your controller only has one CUE button (per turntable), so it works this way:

  • If turntable is playing: jump to cue point and pause turntable
  • If turntable is paused: set cue point, or play turntable if current position is at cue point

Hi Daniel, please see my reply above on how to use the cue button.

For example, try:

  1. Play and then pause the song
  2. Move the song to the position where you want the cue point to be
  3. Hit the Cue button

Additional info: I have the problem with the New iPad


I have another issue with cue points:

if I press cue button and then press play button repeatedly (trying to get the rythm of the music) the cue point moves and it changes to a previous or next beat.

This happens also with the other cue buttons.

If you use the app only using the Ipad, this issue is not present. It shows up when using Ipad and Mixdeck quad.

Press cue point and press play and let the music play for a while then press cue point. Result: the cue point is kept without change.

Can you please advise?

I can’t set a cue point using the cue button. It always jumps to the beginning of the song.

Djay Mac version

Thanks! that answers that question