Jump Backwards 2 bars for Automix?

when using djay on osx or ios, is there a way to go back 2 bars? all my cue points are on point but then when i want to automix it takes 2 bars to mix so i want to rewind 2 bars from the cue point. or another solution

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@Vanja_Oljaca, yes you can use the Skip Backward command and set the size to 8 Beats. The Skip controls can be accessed from 2 different areas in djay. See screenshot on iOS below.

  1. Via Loops > Manual / Skip
  2. Via Hot Cues > Skip

Thanks @Slak_Jaw, I found it on iOS now and it works great. I don’t see it on my desktop though?

You’re welcome! I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment so not 100% sure. Should be similar though.

@Vanja_Oljaca, I had a quick look at the Windows version, and these onscreen controls don’t exist so I suspect it could be the same for macOS. You could, however, MIDI Map these controls to your DJ hardware or keyboard shortcuts.

The MIDI command you’re looking for is called Skip Backward. Please note that the maximum Skip Backward size is 4 Beats. If you want to skip a larger value, you’ll need also MIDI Map the Skip Duration +/- so you can control the size of the Skip.

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