Key lock for Vjay

Adding key lock for matching tempo but keeping the pitch would be nice.

does vjay have key lock for audio? i couldn’t find it. if not, is this feature planned? thanks!

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VJAY key lock?.


Thanks for the feedback.

Key Lock/Time-Stretching is available on djay for iPad but requires an iPad 2 or better.
djay for Mac even has Harmonic MatchTM: Automatic Key Detection, Key Matching and Transposing.



Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, this is currently unavailable in vjay. I was actually replying to DJ-K’s comment.



Key lock is now also available in vjay 1.2. This feature requires an iPhone 5, iPad 4 or better.

Good point but I was referring to Vjay, not Djay. I have both and key lock is not available for Vjay.

I figured. The key lock in Djay works really well. Multiple cue points and more FX and transitions in Vjay would be nice too. Stability is good but not perfect. I would be hesitant to perform publicly with the current version. But I’m sure the algoriddim team is working on a bunch of goodies for the next update. Not bad for a initial launch. I would recommend this app to others that want to dabble in video DJing.

This is defently the most important function in a dj- software! But unfortunately also missed on djay!!!

Good point Nick… is missing in Vjay. I second it!

So any updates on whether vjay will be getting key lock or not?

Aww time to upgrade my iPad 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the iPad 4 the iPad mini?

does the key lock in djay 2 for iPhone also require an iPhone 5? And which generation of iPod is able to use key lock?

VJAY man. the Vjay that comes in pack with Djay 2.