Lag issues with Pioneer wego4 and windows 10 dj pro

Hi, i im getting really bad lag issues with myPioneer wego4 with windows 10 using dj pro. It is unusable as the lag is really bad.I can see the crossfader lagging behind on the screen.Not happy as i have paid £30 for something that isn’t finished and complete and i can not use.

Hey Nando, 

sorry for the delayed response, the thread went through the scope due to the new replies,sorry for that.

Regarding your issue can you answer us the following questions:
Which Windows version (build) you are using?
Have you tried reinstalling the driver of the WeGo4?
What are your hardware specs?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

No reply

No reply

I am absolutely disgusted at algoriddim the way that dont answer my emails or on here. To not even respond to customers having problems is so unprofessional.i feel ripped off, charging me £30 for a programme that isn’t finished and not working.

Seeing lag here too. Glad I could try the free trial first. I’ll have to continue using on my iPad.