Library browse knob can scroll through the song on the preview pop up

My idea is to use the Browse knob on the midi controller to scroll through the song when preview pop up window is open. This way we can skip some intros and just listen to the core of the song quickly. Now we have to use the touchpad and position cursor on the slider on the screen. It would be more efficient to do all this from the controller.

May I make the recommendation that it be added to the list of actions that can then be mapped instead. I would potentially use this but not without a modifier such as shift. Ideally, the browse knob moves to the next track and instantly begins previewing (as is in Virtual DJ) and only when you want to move the preview handle within the track would you then {shift}+rotate browse knob.

Hi Kris, 

thanks again for your nice feedback!Sounds like a cool feature, I’m gonna save this for sure!Best regards, 

Great suggestion. I hope they will implement it this way so people can have options.