Library: when selecting a specific artist tracks from all artists are showed

When selecting a specific artist from the library it shows all tracks from any artist, not only the tracks from the selected artist, on top it shows the correct amount of songs belonging to the selected artist.
problem is on my ipad2 djay 2.6.1 ios 7.1.2
and It is working as it should on my iphone 4s with djay 2.6

thanks for looking into this

Hi Fredo,

Thanks for contacting us.

Which iOS version is running on your iPhone? I just tried this on my iPad 2 with iOS 8 and it seems to be working properly. I’ll have to try it again in our lab with an iOS 7 iPad and get back to you.

In the meantime, can you please check if the same problem occurs in the Music app?

Found out that when you use the sort function and use sort by bpm, artist, title, time or key then only the tracks of the selected artist are shown. If you hit reset in the sort function all the tracks of all artists re-appear again. Easy fix but not sure if that was supposed to be like that?