Listening to tracks quickly thru the playlist before loading it on a deck.. on Djay pro

Awesome Awesome!!! theres a new Djay app for the mac but my question is something only djay 2 on my iPad did. can i listen to my playlist before loading it on a deck???.. my last program did that and it was very easy & quick to skim thru my playlist. the least steps to that feature would better. even the iPad app takes to much to listen to songs in the playlist. i djay with my ears not titles on tracks. 98k songs in my cpu

I believe that is already there. When you mouse-over a track in the library you get a button on the left that shows (…) if you place your mouse over this button you get a chance to listen to the track, to queue it, or to load it to either deck.

Not sure if you have an old version. My version shows DJay Pro 1.0

I looked everywhere for a way to do this with the keyboard and I could not find a way. I don’t have the midi controller here so I don’t know if there is a midi map available for it. Here are the only options that I could find for library.

There’s currently no shortcut for this but it’s a good idea. I’ll pass it on internally.

Could someone tell me if there is a keyboard shortcut or if it’s possible to midi map this ability to play a song from the playlist? The mouseover option is great, but I use the arrow keys or a midi controller to scroll through playlists and wanted to know if there was an alternative way to listen without using a mouse or loading into a deck… Thanks…

Hey John thanks for the reply… I Currently have 4.2.3… I just checked that… I placed my mouse over the track in the library and can’t find (…) on the left side. Do I have an old version??

Oh ok… I thought you meant the djay 1st version did that… I haven’t pirchased the djay “pro” yet… Thanks