"lock" turntables??

I am using djay Not pro).
Is there a way to “lock” one turntable to the other? For example, I am playing an 80BPM song on turntable “a”, I want to “lock” turntable a TO “b” and move the crossfader to b. The song on turntable “a” gradually increases in tempo until it is matches with “b.” I hope I am explaining myself clearly. I apologize for my inexperience.
I can move easily within 7-10 bpm but when making a big jump 80bpm to 110, for example, I struggle.

I have both but primarily use djay. The keyboard shortcuts tend to “get me” more in pro than djay (that is a whole other issue). How do you do that in pro? Thanks for your help!

Which djay version are you using?

At least djay Pro is capable of doing that. Well, it doesn’t increase tempo, as it jumps to the matching BPM. However, even matching an inequality of 30 BPM is no problem.