Locking ipad before removing from iDJ Pro

Hi There,

I am a fairly new user / owner of an Numark iDJ Pro and one of the things I have found a little niggley and that is when you come to finishing and removing the iPad from the iDJ Pro there isn’t any way of switching off the ipad before attempting to removing it from the iDJ Pro.

When I was jailbroken I used SBSETTINGS in Cydia to give me the toggle features but since using my new iPad with 6.1.3 on it I don’t have that option currently.

I was wondering with the DJay software could have an iPad lock button added somewhere a level down than the main GUI, say in the settings section of somewhere. You don’t want to be hitting it accidentally during a gig hence why adding a layer deep.

Otherwise you sat a the springboard / desktop screen and pushing the ipad out and the buttons start to wabble and apps opening. If a lock button would be added to the DJay software some where at least DJs will be able to lock the iPad allowing safe and aggroless removal of the ipad :slight_smile: Simplez!!

I look forward to hearing from you