Looking for a non-GUI solution for all eight simultaneous hot cue points in DJay Pro.

4 of the eight hot cues are only accessible via the GUI. The GUI does not allow me to quickly bounce with precision as I have to move the mouse. As my controller does not have cue points I use the keyboard. However there is not a way to map the other 4 cues to my keyboard. With that limitation does anyone know of a controller I can buy that has all eight hot cue points on it simultaneously? Preferably lighted buttons with the same colors as the cue tick. I do not necessarily need the controller to do actual audio.

So far the only non GUI solution I know of if something like the Beatpad 2 from Reloop that will give you eight actual buttons. Kind of expensive if that is your main reason for getting it.

I will have to look into that. I really want the beat pad but it is a lot of $$. For that kind of money they should give me an XLR mic input. I will go take a close look at the neon. Thanks for the tip.

Would you get two of them? or just keep selecting which deck?

I have another controller but I do like the eight buttons on the beatpad 2. I wish I had those. So I ordered the neon. So now I think I will have the poor mans version of the beatpad 2.

This solution would be perfect except It seems I have uncovered a bug in midi mapping within DJay not the controller. The hot cue pad 4 maps to end and the hot cue pad 8 maps to beginning. I logged a problem issue against it

Yes, After closer inspection your neon map is setting and jumping to cue point 4 or 8. But it then immediately in the blink of an eye then sets/jumps to end or beginning. When I went in and checked the map I saw that the correct command was tied. So I did falsely accuse a bug when it did not exist. I also logged on DJTT my other comments about this map. I do thank you for your help.

DJay Pro for MAC v 1.2.1, Numark IDJLIve2, Reloop Neon Serato. In digging into the file it looks to be a bunch of XML tags. If I understood it a bit more I would be more useful at seeing what needs to be done. I would like to be able to dynamically read sample button color from Djay and make it match instead of hard coding color values. I want to add the shift function to sample to get more than just the 4 left and 4 right. Is there a tutorial on making these maps?

I am still cutting my teeth. if you wouldn’t mind I would love for you to send me a clean version. I do understand Midi from the old music keyboard days midi ch and pass thru etc… Some day I hope to be a subject matter expert at this. But I am no ware near there yet. I see how to change the pad colours. Do you know if the LEDs above and below the pads on the neon are addressable?

DJ STUB Please read my neon map review on DJTT. I think there may be a couple things flipped from the documentation. Perhaps I can look for update an there.

Ya I was really wanting the beat pad 2. I realized I pretty much have all the functionality except the 8 pads. Seemed the neon might fill the void without essentially repurchasing functionality I already own. Also The Beatpad 2 did not support XLR mic in and was quite $$$$

I was able to find and kill the end a begin cue conflict within Djay map edit. I am attempting to look for a combination that makes sense for cue end and start that will work and not create a conflict. I would like to learn more about what tools you use to create the XML config file as well as conditional or state related function logic.

Go to hot loop an press twice so it is blinking. The buttons are pre-programed to go from 1/16 to 8. Press a button at the same time Hold down shift and rotate this changes the timing displayed and even for that current loop. What was confusing is the display changes to the new time but the time is not honored by the button on re-press. But now I get that each time it is pushed it will use the preprogrammed time. Next issue Load a track. hit right button to start playing. Hit Slicer twice so it is blinking. Hold shift. Rotate right knob. change timing to anything. Hit any of the eight pad buttons. The time returns to 1/2. Perhaps it too is pre programmed at 1/2. But I would expect it to use the value I just input via the knob. IMHO These should not be pre programmed for time values but just take what ever is currently set. As far as wild values like 324 let me do a little more digging to get reproducible steps.

Another wird thing is if you load a song that you had previously set a hot loops for you can only “arm” the hot loop for a particular color if you have not jumped to that color. So if i want to play the blue loop I need to arm the blue loop prior to jumping to it. Once armed I can turn it on and off no problem. However once armed you will notice that the disarm but for any color will disarm the current playing loop even if it does not correspond with that color. I am wondering if the loop LED could somehow be turned on when the loop is armed.

I found a midi map of the beatpad2 maybe it could help someone like DJ Stub create a more compatible neon lop map.

I am hoping one day I get a little better at the XML. I know just enough to dangerous now.

I use the reloop neon … I needed to reprogam it for djay but it works great. Now i can access all 8 cue points plus a load of other cool funtions like slicer and even the hot loops that algoriddm wont tell us about. And the neon is way cheaper than thr beatpad

It seems to work together with the existing cue point 1-3. You can define savable “cue out” 1-3 and then when you select “loop” it loops this section.

I’ve mapped it to my Reloop Neon and it works great.


I just use one but you could use 2 … Depends on what you need.

Do you have another contoller?

I use my neon to supplememt my beatpad 1 … So i already have basic contols … I just need to the neon for that but extra.

Hi Daniel … Did you discover this problem after using the Neon midi mapping I sent you? If it is then i may be able to help as this mapping does some unusal things to allow the cue point 4 and 8 to work with both neon and beatpad and both ipad and mac versions of the software.

If you are using different hardware software combinations then i may be able to help tweak the map for your use.

What controllers are you using? And which versions of the saftware are you using?

I dont think its possible to get this feedback from the sampler to control the pad colour. I tried many things but I beleive it needs to be hardwired.