Looping causes track to skip and become out of time - DDJ-SX2 on MacBook Pro full djay PRO software


I have recently began using djay Pro after using Traktor for years. I love the user friendly interface and as a comparison (as I have it installed) its much easer to navigate than Serato.

I have however experienced a couple of glitches along the way. I use a DDJ-SX2 with the software on an MacBook Pro early 2011 with macOS Sierra 10.12.2. The issues have mainly revolved around looping, for example whilst playing live the other night I was looping the intro to a track and mixing out the other, when I decided to un loop the track it skipped not only to a completely other section of the track it took it out of beat as well, meaning it sounded awful to my audience (takes me back to my vinyl days). My SX2 firmware is up to date as well as the djay PRO software being up to date also. This happened more often prior to updating, however whilst it hasn’t happened at home, when I’m pushing the capabilities a little more live it seems to be more frequent. One other thing that happened whilst playing live was that when pressing the fx button to slowly introduce some fx at a break in the track, despite the knob being turned down, it was as if the fx was turned up fully, again meaning i was unable to build this up and it sounded awful rendering the fx (only on the right deck) unusable for the rest of the set.

I just wanted to know, are these currently common issues and are they being looked in to for a further update?

This has knocked my confidence in using the software for live events going forward. I really do like the software other than these faults and don’t want to be forced to use something else in its place.

Also, just to point out, I have spoke to Pioneer regarding this and have tested with other software programs with none of the above issues at the same level of use, hence the reason I’m messaging on here.

I hope you can help and look forward to your response.