Mac djaying on *several* Airplay devices at the same time (OS 10.8.2 Djay Mac 4.1)

Warren (Official Rep) 1 month ago wrote :

"If you have more than one AirPlay device in the same wireless network, please try the following:

  • Open “Audio MIDI Setup” app and select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” menu.

  • Click on AirPlay in the left tab.

  • In the right tab, there should be a dropdown option where you can select the desired AirPlay device."

OK, thanks,
but I’m also asking :

“What shall I do if I want to display on all my Airplay devices at the same time ?” (which is I guess the basic aiming of multirooming… )

Support for streaming to multiple AirPlay devices simultaneously has been added in djay 4.2.


This is not supported at the moment. Feel fee to post this as an idea here in our forum. Though this might already exist. In this case, please simply upvote the existing thread.

  1. Do Algoriddim plan to support it (“multi-Airplay-displaying”) ?
  1. In the “Idea forum”, exists, but I think the subject deserves a new topic (the current topic is older than the current 4.1 Djay version I think)
  1. Thank you for your answer, Warren :slight_smile:

Implemented :slight_smile: