MacOS Djay v.4.2.3 upgrade to Djay Pro?

Am I right that I have to buy a new version when I wanna upgrade to Djay Pro? So I have to pay again if I like the Spotify integration? Don’t tell me that is true?

Thanks, Thorsten

I’m very unhappy w/ this «upgrade» price tag – and more w/ the only possibility to get it at the Mac App Store. I purchased all the updates over the years and now I have to switch to the MAS version. Not happy.

But I have to say, watching their demo w/ DJ 2sher at the Apple Store Berlin, their direction is very clear: going pro and getting a piece of the cake – compete w/ Traktor Pro →…

And from that point of view the «update» price is understandable — but still, the lack of communication w/ their loyal customers is a big fail.

It’s not a new product, it’s an «update» w/ a new name. And a new price tag. And a limited way of distribution (MAS only).

Yes,… it’s ONLY $49. It is a new product.

It takes me 10 minutes to make $49 when I dj…

Don’t buy it then… I have NO PROBLEM giving them $49 for this great product.

Move on!

Okay guys… I hear you. $49 is too much. You have made your choice, now move on.

If $49 is too much for you, then move on. I have NO PROBLEM paying this and THOUSANDS of other users have no problem either. If you don’t like it, see ya!

And no, you haven’t purchased UPDATES. You have purchased software. No where did they say this was free. No where did they say this was discounted. They never said ANYTHING, so why would you expect it for free or discounted?

Sorry, I am allowed my opinion and my opinion is that you are cheap.

Do YOU work for free? Why should they? They spent MONTHS creating this software that you want for free. Let me see you work for free for months.

When you decide to INVEST in this new software, you will find that it is VERY good. Until you choose to invest, you will keep complaining, which will get you NO WHERE!

The software is $49… no amount of complaining will get it to you any cheaper. In fact, that is a discounted price. The price WILL be going up, I assure you.

So waste you time if you want… in the meantime, I am playing with killer software.

You’re cheap!

Don’t care what kind of dj you are. Don’t even care if you are better than me. All I care about is that you are being cheap. No one is telling you to buy this software. Use the old software that you just bought… And besides, you use a wego, so no, you are not “more of a dj”.

See, I solved your problem and saved you $49.

Merry Christmas!

Then why are you here if you think the product isn’t good? That makes no sense.

MOVE ON! You just said that you don’t like the product but yet you are complaining about the price… now THAT is funny!

You have no clue Jason…

If you don’t like the product, MOVE ON.

If you think it’s too expensive, MOVE ON.

If you don’t work for free, WHY SHOULD THEY.

You already said that the product is “Half Assed”, so why are you here?

Oh, and nice hodge-podge of gear…

Sorry but I don’t click on random links…

If you haven’t GOT IT yet, I could CARE LESS what you say about me. I don’t care if you like me or call me names.

You came here on December 17th and now want a free upgrade. That isn’t going to happen, especially after you say that you don’t like the product.

Don’t recommend it… who cares. This is the number dj program on the app store and I am sure they could care less what you say.

If you don’t like it, don’t complain that it costs $49.

Not sure what you don’t understand about MOVING ON… If I didn’t like something, I would not argue to get it free or discounted, so why are you.

Great debate… now move on!

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

If it’s too much for you, don’t buy it.

If you don’t want to waste money, use the demo.

Not sure how much more simple it could be Jason.

If you don’t think it will be updated properly, don’t buy it.

Chris, if you bought it via the app store, you can simply login to your account and all of your downloads are available there.

If you bought it elsewhere and have a license code, simply email support and they will take care of you.

Sorry for destroying your thread!

fair enough… it’s your fight.

Thanks for the debate… no hard feelings.

Merry Christmas.

My apologies. I have no problem paying $49 for a piece of software but I do understand your situation and feel the discount WAS valid in your case.

Perhaps now we can move forward and focus on issues with the software, instead of personal attacks.

At this point, I am focusing on the software. So, thanks for your replies but from this point forward I am only responding to and commenting on the software issues at hand.

If you guys want to debate, go ahead. I have software to be concerned with and would rather focus on that.

And no clue what you mean by “output lighting”

Take care!

Not sure where the option is in the software to turn lighting on…

Please do not reply to my posts.

Thank you.

Okay… gotcha!