MAJOR Concern for Dj's using Spotify and for developers???

If Spotify Says “Not for Professional Use” in their TOS, how are professional dj’s able to use it professionally with this software?

I would like to hear from Algoriddim on this…

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Gotcha… thanks!

Didn’t you think DJs using Spotify were no pro’s? Problem solved.
And algoriddim sais it’s not responisble for how its program is beiing used (i think).

I think its better for the industry that spotify is used, because then the artists get some money in the end. Non pro dj’s downloading music from the web, other then legal, get’s them paid nothing.

Generally, it doesn’t matter whether you play songs from your iTunes library, Spotify, CDs, etc. Every one of them comes with the same legal situation, as soon as you play in public.
E.g. in several countries, there’s a collecting society that must be paid by the event manager.

A german computer magazine recently asked spotify that question. They answered that it’s not allowed to use spotify content on commercial events. But it’s ok to use it for private parties and if there is no profit made with the event.
(You might want to give google translate a try)

I think we can agree that a pro would not make himself dependent on spotify. They often don’t offer maxi versions for a lot of tracks and you need a stable internet connection. But it’s ok to start with, being amateur to semi pro and just have fun mixing.

To be honest spotify was the key for me to have a look into dj software after years of not touching my turntables. :slight_smile:

The legal issues might be different in other countries.

Just my 2 cents

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