MAJOR problems! More GUI Problems and now sound is being affected!

In addition to the GUI problems I am having with text disappearing and the crossfader problem where the crossfader is going nuts, I now have MAJOR audio problems.

This happened AT A WEDDING in front of hundreds of people.

This software can not be trusted! If we don’t get an update with major fixes within one week, I am done and putting out a notice to EVERY dj on the planet about the problems with this software.

Pro dj software should not have so many problems!


Leaving last week?

I am surprised as well. You are right though. It’s terrible that I keep giving in.

Now, they just ignore my posts because they have nothing to say.

I even personally emailed Frederik, the developer and NOTHING. He used to return all of my emails when they had betas out.

Now, because they are all on vacation, they return no emails or answer any posts.

Ignoring my posts and no new updates or fixes to the problem.

I am going on Social Media on ALL major dj boards now…

Posted 13 days ago and not a single response from developers. Also posted videos, pictures and emailed Frederik directly.

And you wonder why your users are VERY upset!

I thought you were leaving last week to join another software company. With all your continual problems you have I’m surprised your still using Djay pro.