Make decks remember accessed playlist

ENVIRONMENT : djay 2, latest update as of 2014-11-19 (week 49)

BACKGROUND : I have NNN spotify playlists.

PROBLEM : decks don’t remember the used playlists

USE CASE : On left deck, I select playlist number 10. On right deck I select playlist number 150. … and when I come back to change song in initial left deck, I’m not back to playlist 10, but at the previously selected (deck 2) playlist number 150???

This is hugely frustrating.

It’s very difficult to change songs in the decks when the songs are not in the same playlist. And I have no use for the same playlists. I need lists which contains songs of ONE category, and other lists that hold songs of ANOTHER category and so on… multiple playlists.


Please implement in next version the ability for decks to remember the playlists they were accessed from. When user clicks the SONG-icon, he should be returned to the exact position where he was.