managing the Danceflore Energy Level and mood with sliders

Each Genre has his own BPM sweet spot. (Ideal Tempo for dancrs). Advanced dancers like faster then sweet spot, beginner like slower then sweetspot with clear beats.

Think about you have a slider to control what the database show you.

In the slider mid position, the database show you tracks near sweetspot of the actual genre. If you move up the slider, the database show you faster bpm, if you move down slower Bpm.

In the same Genre and BPM you still can make a difference with Energy Level (see Mixed in Key).

With a second slider you can move up and down the energy level of the tracks what are displayed

With a third slider you can move up and down the Key of the displayed tracks.

A good DJ manage all parameter of the selected music in order to keep dancer (beginner, advanced, master level) interested with waves of BPM, Energy Level, Key’s and mood.

In the iphone Appstore there isa app for spotify where you can choose your mood with a slider and the app play music what fit your mood.

The new trend in DJ Software are suggestion systems for the next track.

Flow 8 suggest track what fit in terms of bpm, Key and energy level but not genre and mood. My expirience was that tracks fit very well together but if you listen 20 min to track suggested by mixed in key everything sound the same like one very long song. Boring.

Virtual Dj suggest tracks what other DJ in the cloud choose as next track if they played your actual track. For me this work not well.

Spotify suggest tracks what sound similar. Its very good for listening music but not dancing. With dancing different energy levels, bpm, key etc play a big role.

A good DJ read the crowd on the dance floor and decide what he play next. But with thousands of tracks in his library it will get more difficould to rememer title, artist etc.

Searchig Music with 5 Slider for Genre, mood, BPM, EnergyLevel and Key you have more control over the suggestion system.

Wih mapping you can map bpm search to a slider.

It is a win win situation for DJay Pro and Mixed in Key if the work together on a very good integration like DJay Pro and sporify

What does this have to do with Djay Pro?

This is interesting and I am open to any kind of “suggestions” system.
Honestly, however, I don’t see this happening for a very long time, considering that I (and other users) have been requesting to introduce the “harmonic mixing” notation for a while now (which should be very easy to implement).