Many bugs in Djay Pro since last iOS update

Hi, I experience many bugs with Djay pro for iPad (pro 9.7") since last update of iOs (9.3.3). App is freezing during song load, leading to quit the app. Sometimes is remains active and song load works again, but sometimes the app crashes with a beautifull blank song during DJ set… It happened using indifferently itunes song, spotify songs, or DScloud songs. Regards.

I took an update of Djay2 app on my iPad and had the terrible experience of an enormous sound loss. It was so bad I had to revert back to using Djay(1) in the middle of my DJ set. Any idea what’s going on?

Hi guys,

we are very sorry to hear that.
Could you tell us in detail how the explained issues can be reproduced?
That would help us a lot.

Also could you two tell us which iOS version is running on your iPads?

Thank you in advance.
Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Marcus,

thank you for pointing this out.
Is it possible that you are referring to djay Pro for the Mac (please note this thread is about djay Pro for the iPad).
If you are referring to the Mac:

We are aware of this bug which is happening on devices using macOS 10.9.
Please stay tuned for further updates.

If you are referring to the iPad version of djay Pro:

Could you please send us an exemplary video via, that would help us a lot.

Lukas E.

The Problem is with Djay Pro for iPad (as I said in the 1st post).
It cannot be reproduced, but it happens regularly, about 1 time an hour.

Any update? Djay pro is quite unusable as is…

here you have the video, I also send an email to support.

I would like to add some bugs to the list. I own a spotify premium account. While searching for an artist or song or playlist in the search bar, the correct artist will usually display, however, when clicking on “go to artist” or “go to album” or “go to playlist”, nothing happens at all. Unless you can search the exact song name and hope that It comes up, then good luck taking requests as a DJ by artist alone, because the search interface will not work to display the correct search results.