Mapping Denon MC6000 - ALMOST THERE!!! WARREN???

I need to know what midi commands to use for the jog wheels to adjust pitch up and down, depending on the rotation.

Once I get this, I will be nearly DONE mapping this thing…

How do I activate the lights on the controller to turn on?

FIXED this…

I’ve been following you’re posts and want to thank you for your time and efforts in mapping the Denon MC6000. I too have this controller and was utilizing it for control of a competitors software. Now with Spotify introduction for djay Pro, I’ve purchased the app and would also like to still utilize my MC6000.

While I haven’t explored the MIDI mapping tool, it looks like you’ve had success in mapping this controller. Has it been a difficult, time consuming process? Debating if it’s worth the time and frustration to attempt mapping, or is a new natively mapped controller for djay Pro the better route? I would greatly appreciate your feedback and/or your willingness to share your mapping file for review. Thank you.