Mapping for SB3

Hello Guys,

I was just wondering if there was going to be a hot fix or a midi map made for the SB3

in the mean time is there a sb2 midi file i can use as it has the same basic functionality as the sb3

If so where can i download it

Hi Liam,

there is no mapping for the SB 3 so far.

I added your post to our user request list and I will let you know when there is a mapping available.
Using the mapping of the SB2 is not working for itself unfortunately.

Thank you for your help

i have tried a map myself it works for the basics and will be ok for the time being

is there a ETA on an offical map for the controller so i can use all functions etc?

My SB3 arrived today and I mapped most functions using MIDI learning. However some things are still not working and the jog wheel usage feels laggy and does not work correctly sometimes (while I do not have any issues using Serato so it is not hardware related). I hope there will be native support soon.

When can we expect the update for the SB3?