Mapping for the awesome Stanton SCS.1 Controller System OR a Midi out learn feature

As the Stanton SCS.1 is the almost perfect controller system with al load of MIDI return features like the motorised platters and the motorised Pitch Fader and a lot of status displays with text and/or optical representation of the software settings it is currently not possible to really map it on your own.

But the most awesome Software really should support the best controllers out there. Either by providing a mapping or

by providing am MIDI Out learn feature.

Thanks for posting!

Yo, I only just got one of these myself and while they’re awesome, you’re right… Need to be able to midi map!

There seems to be a way!

I’ve only just started learning about it but by using the software that DaRouter is based off, it seems you can create custom presets to make this wonderful bit of gear do just about whatever you like. Sweeeet……

Also check out this forum for some templates to get you started:…

Hoping to get a killer Bitwig preset setup… hopefully all will go well!