Mapping pioneer nxs djay pro 2

Why is there no mapping for pioneer nexus 2 with djay pro 2 on mac. The system have been out for a while but what i can see there is no progress in getting it to work together. I hope you have an answer to my question.

In all fairness it is standard policy to not publicly confirming or denying future decisions that require licensing/agreements between a developer an third parties. Furthermore I doubt anyone purchased NXS2 players with the sole intention of using them with Djay Pro so I don’t see many people “hanging for nothing” either way. I would personally love to see Djay Pro support on my NXS2’s (especially with scrolling waveform support :slight_smile: but I do not expect an exact word either way until I see the support myself. Lastly Serato just recently went public with their support of NXS2 HW following Traktor and now knowing of the official Pioneer DJ Certified program (and Algoriddim not being on the list)… we can tell that we are not quite there yet. Unless they go the ways of VDJ who could not care less about these ethics.

Hi Martin Henriksson,

are you referring to the DJM 900 Nexus 2 and djay Pro?

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up.
We are aware of the user demand of this mapping and each post is getting forwarded and noted.

We will keep you posted.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Cdj 2000 nxs 2

here is a short term fix……

By the way algoriddim team, it’s almost a year now? Are you planning on getting this working with the NXS2 or not? perhaps it would be fair to let us all know if not in case we are all ‘hanging’ for nothing? pls confirm either way?

Hi Dave, I personally purchased 4 NXs2 players thinking that they would work with the Algoriddim software the same as the original NXS units. the dealer said they would but after purchasing, when I found out they wouldnt work after all, he just said to wait a but as he was sure the update would be out shortly… I should have checked I guess! Buyer beware…

Algoriddim have said for a while they will be getting this update out, but some forums are doubting it as CDJ Pioneer have changed a lot of the format and may not be supporting some third party software apps going forward. SO - it seems a bit up in the air to me. Anyway, great decks. Just a shame we cant use them with the DJ Pro software yet… In the meantime I have provided everyone with some basic MIDI mapping which it seems quite a few people are using… Fingers crossed it gets sorted sometime…

FYI - This is what the customer support said to me about it 6 months ago…

“thank you for your mail.
No worries, we are working on implementing the NXS 2 devices. Please stay tuned for further djay Pro updates, the mappings will come to you soon. ;)”

just bought the nxs2 flagship bundle - no djay 2 pro support tho :frowning: