Mark played songs

Please add feature that marks songs that were allready played for more than X minutes or XX seconds. Or prevent play song twice. This will help organize session.

New Years Eve is coming please add as soon as possible.

I have to sort out how to manage playlists - best if DJ could:

* play from selected playlist with Automix+Shuffle without repetition of songs

* and with possibility to put a group of songs at the top of the que when for example someone wants to change songs immediately

* and then Automix+Shuffle takes control again

this would really be a great feature. I like it the way serato or pioneer colours the tracks played longer than 60 seconds (or a time set individually in the settings).
this woud make the night in the club much easier.

I promised Alogriddim to spend one or two bottle of Jägermeister for the team if they add this feature…