Mark songs after they are played for X seconds

Great recommendation!!!

I DJ’d for 6 hours last night using Djay for Ipad… I love the program a lot but after like 5 hours I found myself asking, “Did I play that song already or not?” This feature would be a BIG HELP… and I must say, we’ve been asking for it since Djay first appeared on the ipad.

yes make it happen

yes and a way to reset it so that you can start blank before the next gig

This is an obvious solution to an obvious problem - please implement asap !

You can preview the tracks in the playlist without loading them, just press the track, keep it pressed and an option to preview will pop up

Would help a lot for longer sets!

We need this idea to become a reality!!! Pretty please with a cheery on top!

Love the app - only thing is I wish it would flag when songs have been played.

are the tracks marked the second they are played or loaded?

that would be bad as DJ’s are always auditioning tracks,

and of course we don’t want to mark these as “played”

when or how exactly does djay2 mark them as played?

Serato Scratch Live marks tracks played as follows:

let’s say a song is playing on Deck B
load/audition as many tracks to idle deck A, preview, play, they don’t get marked, none of them no matter how long played

only AFTER you load another song to Deck B to replace what was playing on B while you were auditioning/playing last song on A will the song, that was played on A get marked

it’s quite clever, sounds complicated but is quite simple

i think it’s called the A, B, A method

maybe someone here can explain it better

So what happens if you don’t move the cross fader?
If you leave cross fader in the middle, use both decks and load tracks all night, play songs throughout?

They don’t get marked as played?

I don’t think you guys implemented this well.

See how Serato Scratch Live does it, they have great method

DJayPro on MAC. I do not see a way to configure this setting. Even if you play a song for a single beat it gets marked played. I would like to either be able to uncheck as played or have a setting that doesn’t mark them unless it goes over 59 seconds. I do not have to report in set unless at least 60 seconds are played. It would be a nice to have feature.

IMHO the original request was not implemented. the request was AFTER some period of time like 30 -45 sec give a visual cue that the song is played.

In its current form If a song plays it is instantly marked played. I believe the feature is incorrectly Implemented. I either need the ability to change the amount of time it is played before it is marked played to something like 30 to 60 seconds as originally requested AND/Or the ability to unmark it as played. So at least I can undo these single beat songs as showing played. All in all this is not a huge inconvenience but it would be a “nice to have”

Respectfully this is NOT implemented as requested.