Mastering/Preparing Music for Djay Pro

This is a technical question, but I figure I would ask this publicly because others could probably use this info…

I am in the processing of re-mastering some tracks and want to prepare them specifically to play in Djay Pro. In order to get the best sound quality out of the audio and best performance out of the audio engine, can you please let me know what is the best way to prepare the files?

  1. Is there an ideal type of audio file to use when exporting? Ie, would you recommend using a .WAV or AIFF or .AIF or .MP3 or .AAC etc… Does it matter?

For a Wav file does the bit depth or sample matter? Is 16 bit 44.1k the most ideal?

For MP3, does the quality matter? (ie if I export to 256 kbps, will it downsample to 128 kbps)?

  1. Is there a recommended amount of headroom I should leave when I export? ie should I normalize/set my limiter ceiling to -1 for extra headroom?

  2. Any other advice in preparing music specifically for Djay?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but would like to get this right :slight_smile: