Match does not always pick up playing song

ver 1.1.3

Match does not always pick up and give suggestions for playing song. Gets stuck on previous song playing. Happens for Spotify and iTunes.

Thanks, i’ll test this again. I usually keep my crossfader in the middle, so that could be affecting it’s function. Maybe it should reference the un-dimmed deck instead?

Using the crossfader seemed to resolve the issue

I feel like it should be linked to the undimmed deck, not just the crossfader. I know a lot of DJs, including myself, who mostly just DJ with the line faders.

I reported this same behavior (…), just generally having very little control over what song I am trying to match.

Adrian (of Algoriddim) responded:

“Spotify Match uses the track of the Deck the Crossfader is switched to. Please make sure you’re running the latest version of djay Pro.”

But it’s still kind of hit and miss.

Mine is very consistently matching the inactive deck, so it’s buggy. Restarting the app entirely resolves the issue, but you can’t exactly do that mid-set, so you’re left with this feature being dead very frequently. It would be nice if you could force it to refresh somehow if it matches on the wrong deck.

it does not for me. it will always continue to match the inactive deck until i reboot.

I’m saying, it sticks on the wrong platter for me. Regardless of where the crossfader goes, it will be stuck and no longer refer songs until I restart the app. This is new behavior after the latest update.

Here’s another prime example of match thinking the wrong deck is playing.

This has nothing to do with the crossfader position, as you can see.

Spotify Match follows the currently playing track the Crossfader is fully switched to. This doesn’t work out in Automix though.

John, are you using djay Pro 1.1.3 already? This seems to be an older problem that was fixed with 1.1.3.