"Match" issue

[Using Djay Pro Demo] Why can’t I control when the Match window (in Spotify integration) refreshes it’s list of similar songs? The play button sometimes gets it to refresh to the currently playing song, but sometimes doesn’t. What triggers it? The first time I click the Match window while a song is playing, the similar songs to the spinning song list properly, but from there on out there’s no way for me to really control which track its using for suggestions. My instinct is to be able to drag a song title to the Match window to get similar suggestions for that song, but that doesn’t work. Right now, I just wait and hope for it to refresh before a good mix out point. Is there a remediation for this behavior that I’m not aware of?

For a solid hour, I just had match recommending songs based on the track that just stopped playing.

Spotify Match uses the track of the Deck the Crossfader is switched to.
Please make sure you’re running the latest version of djay Pro.