Microphone use with DJ pro?

I’ve seen a couple of forum topics on this but they were a couple of years old. I wanted to just get an updated answer.

If somebody wanted to try using an external microphone with DJ Pro, I saw the recommendation from a couple of years back that one might be able to use the app Audiobus to help make that happen.

However, I also saw a comment Spotify playlists/etc. did not work with DJ Pro and Audiobus/microphone, therefore not really useful for people who want to use DJ pro to voice over music they are playing through Spotify

I saw these comments on a post from two years ago. So, is this still correct? Or is there now someway to use a microphone input with DJ Pro while playing Spotify music?

Thanks for any information.


I have DJ Pro with a controller and external mic. How do I get the mic to go through the speakers? I have a splitter with one on the speakers and one for the headphones. Please advise.

Hi Lukas-
I’m using a Numark Mixtrak 3 and DJay Pro and yes my controller has a mic output. See pics below. Let me know what settings the controller and DJay Pro need to be on please.

Hi Eric,

thank you for your post.
Could you tell us which device and djay Pro version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Eric,

the problem right here is that djay is not supported as “output” item in Audiobus.
That means you can use a mic recording application as input for djay.

Nevertheless, are you using an external controller besides djay Pro, controllers like the WeGo3 have a microphone input which is going straight through the master.

Lukas E.

Hi Lindsay Feinstein,

which controller are you using? Is the controller having a mic input?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lindsay,

thank you for the pictures. First thing that comes to my mind is that if you use the Mixtrack Pro 3 you don’t need a splitter cable if you connect your speakers and Headphones to the Mixtrack and select the controller as Main Output and Pre Cuing Output (image 3). That is important for using your Microphone:
Your Mic is not usable internally in djay Pro as long as your Mac is not having a Microphone input, which the Macbook Air does not. So you can only use your Microphone to go through the Master of your Controller after using an adapter to connect the Mic to the Mixtrack’s Mic input.

After doing so and connecting your Speakers to the Mixtrack as well, explained above, you can use your Microphone.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

Hi Dany, the controller is sending out the mic internally directly to the Master. Try to connect to the Master out in order to hear your Mic input.

I have an iPad Air with iOS 9.3.3. I believe the DJ pro version is 1.0.3 – that’s what it says on the bottom of the options menu. Thanks.

Hi Lukas, I’m using the idj pro controller and the mic input is just not working, can you help me?

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Hi Lindsay, did you have any luck resolving this as I’m having this problem atm… Do you know if an update sorted it? Cheers.

Hi, i have a reloop mixon 4 controller with the mic input, i can’t hear my microphone in the djay app, i’m using my booth out speakers for practicing, do i have to use my master out to my pa speakers to make it work ?