MIDI Mapping Choices Different For Different Hardware?

I have a Novation Twitch. I use it in Serato ITCH, Traktor, and most recently in DJAY. I did a custom MIDI map for DJAY and it works great.

I also explored mappings for my Kontrol X1

When I bought the Kontrol S2, I made it thru some of the mapping and noticed that there were entire sections that were available for my X1 and Twitch mappings that were not available when the S2 was plugged in.

I didn’t see the PLAY/STOP button for instance.

is there something I’m missing? I put the controller in MIDI mode (as I was able to map other functions, Jog Wheels, Pitch, line faders)



The Play/Pause action should be available under Turntable 1 (or 2) -> General.
Is this not the case?

Or do you mean that there is no highlighted MIDI control when you press the controller’s play/stop button?