Midi mapping for Dj-Tech Mix-101 - select function

Dj Tech Mix 101 is a controller with one jogwheel and a normal mixer. I have managed to map the mixer part easily - nice mapper for Mac Djay !!

I have problem mapping the single jog wheel part ( A/B deck button, cue, play, sync, select (sampler, loop, fx).

  1. Can you give me an advice on how to map it in such a way that I can use the A/B button to assign the layout ( knobs, buttons, sync, etc) to each deck? I tried toggle from general, but no chance. Would be something like acces to a new layer.

  2. How can I map the select button ( each time when is pressed to toggle between sampler/loop/fx/cue/vinyl)?

controller photo attached.

thank you,

Wow, didn’t know this mixer ! I like the layout ! Excellent for portability !

In the configuration window, instead of selecting either “Turntable 1” (or 2) for the MIDI actions, choose “Selected Turntable”.

Then press the “A/B” button and map it to “General” -> “Toggle Selected Turntable”.

thank you for the quick answer!

Unfortunately there is no action after pressing the button. I noticed that even trying to apply Active FX to Selected Turntable applies effect to same Turntable (Turntable 1), no matter x fader position or play/stop :frowning:

my second question was if you have any advice on how to setup the ‘‘select’’ button to toggle through the functions - loop/FX/?

Pls help!

thank you

where can i get a midi map / script for the dj tech mix 101 as i cant seem to get the fx buttons to do anything on 1 & 2 through deckadance 2