Midi Mapping Help Needed

Hi everybody, need to crowd-source some help! I’m just asking for short descriptions of the looping midi map functions that DJay lists, maybe they relate to specific controller. I’ve listed all the functions below; the ones in bold I understand.

I recently bought Djay Pro since it was released on Windows and since I already have a Spotify premium account. Its been fun but I’m having trouble. I’ve never owned a DJ controller, and I am having trouble understanding the functions of all the midi loop functions while mapping to my Push 2. I’ve got lots of stuff figured out but I think the software is buggy and inconsistent, so its hard to deduce exactly what all the loop functions are even supposed to do. And further, I’m unsure whether I can use them… since I think these functions may relate to specific controllers. For example, can I even program a “cue loop”? And how would I set a track to start and play and loop at a cue point (and specify the loop duration)?

I’m interested in doing live remixes, keeping everything in sync and key with as much automation as possible, to allow for more creativity of sampling, etc. I would like to prepare my tracks so that I have the song start at a cue point in loop. I do know that I can map multiple functions to one midi button as well.

I’ve listed below every midi loop function that Djay Pro allows one to map to a specific button/knob. I have been able set and delete cue points, jump to cue points… but that’s where I get stuck and I don’t even know out many of the terms, like “reloop”… or exactly what is meant by start point/end point, or how a button is used when it is listed with multiple functions, i.e. loop in/out, or “reloop/loop off”.


Jump to Start Point
Jump to Cue Point 1 (to 8)
Set Start Point
Set Cue Point 1 (to 8)
Set End Point
Jump to Beginning of Song
Jump to Start Point and Play
Jump to Start Point and Pause
Jump to Cue Point 1 and Play
Jump to Cue Point 1 and Pause


Cue 1 (to 8)
Out 1/Loop
Out 2/Loop
Out 3/Loop
Clear Cue 1 (to 8)
Clear Out 1, 2, 3
Cue Start Point
Cue End Point
Clear Start Point
Clear end Point

Auto Loop
Loop Half
Loop Double
Loop In
Loop Out
Loop In/Out
Loop Out/In
Loop Out/Off
Loop On/Off
Reloop / Loop Off
Auto Loop 1/16 (to 32)
Bounce Loop 1/16 (to 8)

toggle Slicer Loop Mode
Slice 1 to 8

Selected Deck loop option:
Loop Duration (rotary)
Skip (Rotary)

For anybody who has a similar question, I was emailed the following from support:

Some things I can not explain further, these are left out blank.


Jump to Start Point – Start Point of the Track is a special Cue Point which initialises the Start point of a track
Jump to Cue Point 1 (to 8) – Jump to one of the Cue Points
Set Start Point – Set the above explained start point
Set Cue Point 1 (to 8) 
Set End Point – End Point is the End point of a track which initialises the End of a track.
Jump to Beginning of Song 
Jump to Start Point and Play 
Jump to Start Point and Pause 
Jump to Cue Point 1 and Play 
Jump to Cue Point 1 and Pause


Here in general it is necessary to understand that the Cue Point loop is a loop from a cue point to the “Out X/ Loop” – point.


Auto Loop – Loops the digitally selected Auto Loop length
Loop Half – Auto Loop length divided by 2
Loop Double – Auto Loop length times 2
Loop In – Starts the begging of a manual loop
Loop Out – ends the manual loop
Loop In/Out – first hit “Loop In” second hit “Loop Out”.
Loop Out/In – first hit “Loop Out” second hit “Loop In”.
Loop Out/Off – first hit “Loop Out” second hit “Loop Off”.
Loop On/Off – first hit “Loop On” second hit “Loop Off”. 
Reloop – Reloops the last used Loop.
Reloop / Loop Off – first hit “Reloops the last used Loop.” second hit “Loop Off”
Auto Loop 1/16 (to 32) – Creates an “Auto Loop” of the desired Length.
Bounce Loop 1/16 (to 8) – same as “Auto Loop”, just the loop will stay as long as you press the button.

toggle Slicer Loop Mode – while the Slicer Loop Mode is active using the “Slice 1 to 8” will automatically loop within the selected Auto Loop length.
Slice 1 to 8

I Hope I was able to help you.


Lukas E.