Midi mapping pitch faders


I have a couple of Reloop RP-8000s which output midi, which means I can map certain functions to DJay Pro. Of course the program doesn’t yet do timecoded vinyl, but I’ve mapped the jog wheel to another function on the decks.
(I’ll post mappings later if I get it all working fine)

However, the one function I really want I can’t find - mapping the pitch fader on the device to the pitch fader in the app.

I under “deck 1” I can see two possible options, but neither seem to work as I would expect :

  • the “Pitch Control” function under “Jog Wheel” has the same function as spinning the jog wheel.
  • the “Pitch” under “Effects” doesn’t seem to do anything unless I press the music note icon, and it changes the pitch dramatically, and the on screen fader doesn’t move.

My questions are:
What is the pitch fader on the decks actually called in the Midi mapper?
Is this function to change this available in the demo version?

Hi there,

the midi command to change the pitch is called “Tempo”:

I hope this is helping and thank you for sharing your mapping with other users :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Awesome, thanks for that!

It’s really basic, but you can grab the midi mapping here: