migrate to day pro iPad ?

migrate history analysed songs etc?

Could you elaborate your question, it’s unclear to me?

yes it should be an obvious feature…takes hours to analyse a collection again…and most importantly history need to be ported over

hi …none of that worked for me…my day 2 bpm did not transfer over…and have playlists in iCloud but there is no way to open them…also using djay pro with idk pro by unmark the app opens up side down and does not reorientate…finally can you tell me if you have previewing the updated day 2?
its gone in mine…thanks

thanks jonas
i discovered the library list works but its much more inconvenient…i don’t have a spotify premium account so i can’t use spotify…
track analysis id on;y achievable by re analysing all the tracks in day pro…very time consuming.
getting from history to a playlist is now more complicated…
really appreciate your helps far
thanks again

Hi, Yes it works fine. Cue points and Hot cues are transferred if you configure iCloud following these steps:

Every track will be reanalyzed though re BPM, Grid and Key, however edited BPM and also Grid (I believe but have to check that) done in Djay 2 is transferred to Djay Pro.

I just bought Djay Pro for iPad, using Djay 2 before. And everything is transferred nicely.

History is not automatically ported over though. You can always save it as a Spotify Playlist or save it to the iCloud Drive and thereby being able to open it in Djay Pro.

Cheers, Jonas

Preview in Djay 2 (updated version): Yes it works in Library, list mode.
iCloud Sync: Try closing the apps and restart them afterwards. Follow the steps in the guide (link above).
History: Save History session to Spotify and then you can open them in Spotify. My Music History, Cannot get those to work via iCloud me neither.
Transfer of BPM-edits: What did you test, coud you explain more?
/ Jonas :slight_smile:


You can use the metadata of djay2 in djay Pro for iOS and djay Pro for MacOS!

In order to sync your Cue Points using iCloud, please do the following:

Turn on “iCloud Drive” (“Preferences” > “iCloud”) for djay on EACH of your devices

Enable “Share Song Settings” (djay Preferences > “Advanced”)

Fully shut down and restart djay

Your Cue Points should be synced, now.

Best Regards,

I guess you’re wondering if all your cue-points and grid changes that you have made in Djay 2 for your songs still will be there in Djay Pro?

Yeah, I would like to know that too before I change to Pro. Spent too much time on all of my songs to be willing to do it all over.

If the migration isn’t there now it should be implemented!