Misc feature request

Hi !

You’re about to dethroned most of the popular mix tool with this great software!
Hi just used it for couple of hours and there’s several little thing I miss however:

— Merged waveform view on top (with editable scale)
— I’ve looked for the master volume in the top, or in the middle of both vinyles for a whyle… Why is this in the bottom ? (Same for the CUE preferences, there’s so much space above tracklists… And may we could get rid of this bottom bar.)
— Loops tool are on different panels, but I got very much space around. When screen allow, why don’t put all these tools next of each others?
— When dragging BPM, it’s a % displyed, but I can’t see BPM I’m trying to reach (and it’s a bit dark.) And how to do more than +/- 25%?
— It could be cool to display both elapsed and remain times, and maybe just above vinyle, with song name, so the top is free for merges waveform :wink:
— Oh! And I didn’t find where to give gain to tracks.

That’s it!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I believe that Settings … General … Slider Speed … Range answers the more than +/- 25% issue… Give it a try up to +/- 75%

Yes that’s what I was looking for! Thanks. Maybe it could be usefull to change it on the fly (not in the Prefs window).