Mixdeck Quad and Djay Pro on iOS10 (iPad Pro 10.5)

Hi guys,

so I just bought the iPad Pro and wanted to connect it with my Mixdeck Quad and Djay Pro but when scanning for midi-devices the iPad won’t recognize the Quad.
Checking on the Numark website it seems that the Quad is not supported by iOS10? Is there any way around this?
Will there ever be support and can you guesstimate how long this will take?

Im pretty desperate right now as this was supposed to be my dream DJ combo but right now nothing is working.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hello Basi ! Excited to hear from you. We both have the exact same problem. I recently brought 2 IPADS PROS , the 12.9 and the 10.5 . Neither one works with my Mixdeck , DJAY PRO, either. But when I went to MIDI setting on my iPad it stated "device connect. I contacted Apple Computer they had me reset my iPad still didn’t work. I also contacted Numark 3 times the tech never mention IPAD PRO not being compatible with IOS 10.3.2. My Mixdeck never had any problems with my laptop or my old Apple iPad Air. So it got to be the IOS 10. Basi stay in touch maybe we can find the solution . Nearly $2000 spent on iPads and can’t use them .very very upset Floyd

Thanks Basi, Damm that’s bad news, $2000 and can’t used my IPAD PROS with my Mixdeck for DJ’ing. Thanks for agreeing to stay in touch. I’m gonna check to see can I revert to the IOS prior to 10.3.2. I’ve been using Numark products since 1985 first time I’m disappointed with them.

Hi Floyd,

a guy from Numark answered me without actually saying anything but I found this website: https://www.numark.com/kb/article/2160

There they state that the Quad is not supported by iOS 10 but I suppose its just a question of writing the drivers?
Unfortunately he didn’t mention anything about them working on it but I question this directly again.

I will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Anyone else with this issue or a solution?
Would be amazing to get this working!