Mixdeck Quad Midi Mapping to Djay on iPad...Quick response needed?


I am today receiving my shiny new mixdeck quad, which ill want to use mostly with my iPad as I currently have the iDJ pro, whilst doing some research i realize there is no Sync button, am I correct in my assumption that I can map a button for this? like the Pause button or Tap etc…?? Speedy response would be greatly appreciated guys, Gig tomorrow!!



Hi Nick,

MIDI mapping is not supported on djay for iOS. But “Shift + TAP” should be mapped to sync.

You can also use the “on-screen” sync buttons.

Hi Nick,

I just tried this to make sure and it works. Although, I have to correct myself.

It’s MODE & Tap.

Yeah i wasnt refering to map the iOS device, i was refering to map the pause key on the mixdeck quad to do the Syncing?

But if the Tap & Shift works on the quad then that’ll be great…Ill see what happens when the beast arrives.

The shift & tap function does not do anything, the sync button on idj pro works perfect, I’m really dissapointed that this doesn’t work, could you provide me a step by step instruction on how to map the sync button on the ipad to the pause key on the quad, if it’s possible?

If not I’ll sell it, the idj pro is very hard to beat for an ipad mixer.