Mixing for beginners: should I use the crossfader or the volume sliders?

Hi all,

I’m used to (well, sort of used to) mix with the volume sliders, not the crossfader but with both hands. Since I have to click it’s impossible to bring let’s say the left slider down while bringing the right one up.

Of course if the songs would be perfectly matched that wouldn’t be a problem because i could first bring the right one up and eventually the left one down.
But when your mix is so so it can look awful if it’s still playing full throttle on the left side.

Any suggestion for a beginner?


It helps if you could set a keystroke to play so you can use the crossfader with the mouse, but i havent used djay for mac, just traktor on pc back in the days…

Ultimately you really want go get a usb midi controller to have physical sliders and buttons. Nothing is better.

Could you suggest exactly what kind (link please?)?