Mixing with Djay and external mixer - configuration

Myself and many friends love djay for iPad. We all use the griffin DJ cable and an external mixer. It would be great if Djay would offer this as an option within the settings, disabling the internal mixer and cue buttons and putting both channels on the the output channels of the cable,. At the moment you have to work around, putting the internal mixer to one deck and cueing the other. This is a bit risky in case you touch the cue-button of the one deck.

External mixer mode is essential if this app is to be taken seriously by the Pro DJ community.

Also… Bigger buttons for play, cue and pitch shift. There is plenty of spare real estate within the GUI. At the moment the buttons are too small which creates a risk of pressing the wrong one in one of those mad frantic club moments :slight_smile:

DJ Rig from IK already has this function.

This feature is essential for live gigs.

I want to hook up two iPads into one 4 channel mixer.