Mixon4 - some issues and bugs with DjayPro


I just received my Mixon4 a couple of days ago and I found out that some key combinations do not work as described in the manual and there are also some minor bugs from my perspective.

Mixon 4 v2118 - newest version
DjayPro App 1.06 - newest version
iOS 10.2.1 - newest version

Issues / Bugs:

1.) Shift + 6 Load (Channel 4) does not switch between libraries.
2.) Shift + 15 TRAX (turn) does not switch between library tabs.
3.) Shift + 36c Sampler Button does not open Sampler View.
4.) by pressing any LOAD button, the remaining time will not be displayed in the library , if deck 3 or deck 4 is active
5.) by pressing LOAD CH3 oer LOAD CH4, the remaining time will not be displayed in the library, even if deck 1 or deck 2 is active
6.) if you enter the library, the lights of master output level (17a + 17b) and the volume level lights (5) are getting freezed (if you then press the home button on the iPAD to put DjayPro to background and afterwards switch back to the app, the lights work with the library still opened
7.) if you enter the library, precue a track directly in the library by pressing the button with the 3 dots on the iPAD and then turn the TRAX knob (15), the DjayPro App crashes (!). This only happens in the Spotify library - all other librarys work fine.
8.) And what I am really missing - this is related to 7.) - is a button to start the precueing directly in the library instead of finger tipping on the iPAD. Would it be possible to add this function e.g. Shift + 15 TRAX (press).

I am not sure if this is related to the firmware or the Djay software, but it would be great if you could analyze it and give us some status if this can be fixed…