Mixtour sync on iPad offbeat.

Mixtour on iPad not syncing up properly. When I hit sync it plays offbeat.
I can beat match by setting a cue point on the iPad only and adjusting the pitch no problem.
I’ve been djing for years with traktor and had no issues.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Hey there,

thank you for your post.
Can you tell us which tracks especially are getting off sync?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey there. Thanks for your reply.
I can give you a list of tracks but it’s more intermittent the longer I play. It’s not because I’m mixing different genres and completely opposite tempos if that’s what your getting at?
I am familiar with a Dj set up as I used to be one so I know about beat matching using cjd’s/ableton/traktor etc and
The mixtour worked perfectly upon purchase with no problems until now. I’ve owned it for the best part of 8 months now.
It starts off syncing fine then after say, 6 -10 songs it syncs off beat. If I manually set a cue point to start on the kick drum then press sync, it goes offbeat again.
I’m thinking this is an issue with updates on
My iPad? It’s an ipad2 running iOS 10.2.1
I looked online for a firmware update for the mixtour itself and successfully installed the latest thinking this would resolve the issue.
First three tracks were tight and fine but then started syncing offbeat again!