More flexible MIDI out mapping

First off, I want to say that the MIDI learn feature in Djay Pro is fantastic. Setting up my A&H K2 controller in Djay Pro took about 30 minutes. Setting up the same settings in Traktor took me about 3 hours.

But there is one thing that Traktor does better. In Djay, you set a MIDI in command (button press), and set one MIDI out command (make a button light up) to match it. In Traktor, you can set MIDI out commands separately, and use logic to dictate which rules apply.

Here’s an example: I can make the buttons on my X:one K2 light up red, orange or green. Let’s say I map a button to jump to the cue point on deck A. I might want to make that button light up green if I’m at the cue point, or red if I’m at a different point in the song. Or I might have a button mapped to turn on key lock on deck A. I might want that button to light up red if the key isn’t locked, or green if it is locked.

It would be cool to add other settings, too. For example, if you wanted to make the “set beat grid” button flash momentarily when the play head crosses a line in the beat grid.