More GUI problems and no beta forum to report to! Are you guys on vacation?

I am having the same problems with certain parts of the track name, BPM and time disappearing again. But, because the last beta has expired, I have no where to report them to and NOTHING that gets reported here gets fixed.

It has been MAY since our last update… can we please fix this problem? I have had the issue for almost a year.

I have video proof and pictures but you should have that from the last time I reported it. My system has not changed and I am getting these problems again.

I like DJay Pro very much and use it every day. The killer feature is the fabtasic user interface, the performance on my 6 jear old Macbook Air and Spotify integration.

I use it every day even I also have most of the issues what user are reporting here. I hope that the developer know all the issues and are working in that.

I personally suggest to do and Bugfix Update every Month even there are small Bug fixes. But this show the user that to App is on live and not dead.

I am using the latest version.

No it doesn’t… we could post pictures and video on the other forum. I can not post a video here.

Come on… this stuff needs fixed. How you can take 4 months off from development is beyond me.

The developers have PLENTY of videos from me that show this. Need more?

VERY frustrating.

A few videos of the problem.…

Version: 1.3.1
OS: 10.11.6

No pattern.

Just an FYI, this was reported to the developers in April. Still no solution.

We are still waiting for a beta to test any fixes… This problem was reported in April. It’s now August.

It should not take that long to fix a graphic problem.

I am waiting by my email for a beta to test…!

Hi there, 

please note that every issue created here is getting reported via the same issue tracking system like via the beta feedback system.

We are sorry that you still have the GUI problems and i just wanted to check which version of djay Pro you are using right now.

I had a chat with the responsible developer and pushed the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up and the videos.

I attached them to the according issue and a developer is assigned to check the problem with the new footage.
As you know, it is always helping if you let us know if you can see a pattern in the GUI problems.

Thank you very much.

Lukas E.