More Keyboard Control and Accessibility Improvements for DJay for Mac

Right now, DJay is head and shoulders above any other software for blind users. However, in talking with sighted friends I find there is still a lot of functionality I am missing out on in the app. There’s a lot I don’t even know exists, but some of the things that would be really useful are:

  • Ability to read time elapsed/remaining with Voiceover (or maybe a beep through the VO output with 30 seconds to go?)

  • Ability to interact with the sampler, adjusted bpms (aka with tap as opposed to the default value), fx panels

  • In general more labeling on elements of the screen. Right now all I see is the list of playlists, the list of tracks, radio buttons to adjust sorting, the menu bar and a few unlabeled buttons.

  • Not sure if this is displayed visually or even feasible, but a short tone to announce when a track actually gets loaded would be nice.

Thanks for looking at these suggestions, and for creating such a fantastic app.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your support. We’ll be sure to investigate this and improve the Accessibility features in djay.