Multiple Select Delete

Please add this it’s so necessary to manage libraries

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion with us.

What music library do you use? Would you like to multi-select playlists, folders or songs?
What exactly would you like to do when you’ve got songs multi-selected? Would you like to delete or move these?

Hope to hear from you again.


Hi G, I would like to delete multiple files in the main library.for now
I am using iTunes to get files from my PC to my iPad from there I load them into the main library and make smart playlists in there. Currently if I remove files from iTunes I have to remove them in the main library 1 by 1. At some stage I would like to clean up and reload the files currently that would require my to delete 600 unreferenced files in the main library 1 by 1 which is not practical, I would probable have to delete and reinstall the app… Or am I missing something? I think all lists should have the ability to select multiple files and delete.
Thanks N

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for explaining your situation.

We also believe that library management could still be improved on djay for iOS. We’ll push the idea of multi-selecting tracks internally and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news about this.

We kindly ask for your patience while we do so. Thanks for your understanding.


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Even a remove all unreferenced tracks would be handy


I just had to re-install the app because there were too many unreferenced tracks

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So I’m in the process of unlinking my iTunes library and am left to delete over a hundred missing files in my library.

Is there a way to remove multiple seems crazy we have to delete 1 track at a time???

Hi @Nathan_W,

Just tidying things up around here so I moved your other post about the same topic to this topic thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still no way to delete files in batches after adding to playlists. Bummer.

This is a problem how do we clean and manage any library without multi select delete it should be a given


Hi @DJ_A_Diffrance,

Just tidying things up around here so I moved your other post about the same topic to this topic thread. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks @Nathan_W and thanks @Emily. I came here looking for a solution to wipe out nearly my entire collection of missing files, only to meet a "feature request! :slight_smile: I have 1000 abandoned tracks in my iPad djay. To “swipe, click, delete” 1000x will bring me epilepsy! :slight_smile:
I hereby second Multi Select Delete function.
Please prioritise.
Re-Linking missing files was well-answered by Emily in a different post but it also needs to be improved in both iPad and Mac.


Can an “edit” feature be created to delete & add multiple songs to & from the Beatsource Offline Locker.