Multitype actions mapping

How to map one button for multitype actions?
“Cue” = Action 1
“Cue + Modifider 1” = Action 2
“Cue + Modifider 1 + Modifider 2” = Action 3

Also interested in understanding how this works.

Mapped the Akai AMX as close as I could to the Serato mapping but I couldn’t map the search functions because I could only have one Modifier button which is the controller’s SHIFT.

Adrian, can you elaborate on how the “Modifier 1 = Action 2” function you mention works ?

Also trying to map the AFX but I will need lots of modifiers to make it work.

Can someone from Algoriddim get back to me on this please?

Are there actually two options to modify behavoir of a control and how does that second option work ?

I only could get SHIFt working for now.

There are only two possible ways of mapping multiple actions:
“Modifier” = Action 1
“Shift” + “Modifier” = Action 2

How to give a program to understand that I click on the controller 2 buttons at the same time ? DJay mapping catches up on the fly only 1 MIDI command .

For example. When I click the “shift + play”, DJay shows in the setup screen first Shift, then Play commands like separate parameters.