Music stops / pauses for a half second on my Win 10 laptop

I have seen multiple reports of the music skip/pause issue.

I am seeing this problem with a SD card on my bran new laptop. So it is NOT related to USB or power. I have a windows 10 laptop that I JUST got today with nothing installed on it. My songs all stop / pause about every 15-45 seconds. Every time.

I am sitting here all ready to spend $50 on this product and I started having this issue. Logged in to see if there were other complaints and I saw a lot of people complaining about this. I love the software but had chromebook issues and now this I just cannot justify spending any money on it. It’s too bad because the software on the ipad is fantastic.

Try analyzing the songs first before using them. I still have this issue sometimes and it’s random. I’m using a Surface with the iTunes library on an SD card.
Also try disabling wifi & bluetooth.
I might help …
Algoriddim is not really interested it seems in fixing this issue.