my vestax spin 2 not run on djay pro for windows

i send e-mail again.
my midi device is vestax spin2 and os is windows 10 with djay pro(demo).
my os version is up-to-date version.
when i connected spin 2, i saw situation like attached image.
In midi settings, ‘no midi devices found’.
contrastively my spin 2 run well on djay2 in my iphone X.

what can i do???

Hi there,

we are sorry to hear that. Please see the attached FAQ entry and go through the provided steps:…

They doesn’t seems to know how to developp correctely on Windows…

‘They’ means ‘Algoriddim’???

thank you for your comment!
1,2,3 step is ok but 4 step is not working.
because vestax homepage is not there…
i heard that vestax went bankrupt!

what can i do…?