NATIVE Denon DN-MC6000 Mapping!!!!

Native mapping of the Denon DN-MC6000???

It is by far the most popular controller ever made, so why is there not NATIVE mapping for this device??? Come on guys!!!

Hi Scott,

We are aware of all feature requests here, even though we do not always respond to “ideas”.

We’re very grateful for all ideas shared by our users, but please understand that, as a company, we also have to prioritize and cannot accommodate all requests.

I can’t give you any ETA or a definite answer on whether native support will be added, sorry.

So, I definitely recommend not waiting and doing your own mapping. If you have any questions or need any help with the mapping, just let me know.

Mapping the LED lights is usually just a matter of enabling “MIDI Out” in the Advanced settings in the MIDI Configuration window.

If this doesn’t work, then this means that the controller doesn’t use “standard” MIDI protocol and that the LEDs can’t be mapped via “MIDI learn”.

It’s been a YEAR since I asked…

Please natively map this controller.

Trying not to sound negative but a YEAR with no response from you guys is kind of sad.

While I certainly understand that, the MC6000 is the world’s most popular controller. As a user of your software (Giving it another try), I need to know if I need to wait for you to natively support it or if I should attempt to map it myself.

I asked the question a year ago. Since then, you have natively mapped other, less popular controllers. So, I ask, is this even being considered?

If not, I understand and will get to work mapping the controller on my own.

If I do get this mapped, would you consider adding it to the next update?

Thanks again!

No problem… thanks for the update. I will give it a try.

This will determine if I use the software or not.

Doesn’t work… tried for hours.

Yes please add this Controller!

i would love the DN-HC4500 instead :slight_smile:

Hello, anyone has the mapping and how to operate the lights in MC6000? thanks