"Native" support for Traktor S2/S4 MKii and S8

So far I’ve already tested mapping a few controls of my Kontrol S2MKii with djay so it seems to work. Why doesn’t Algoriddim offer a native mapping ? Are there technical issues with this ?

That would help to convert some Traktor fanatics now the DJay Pro for Mac edition is out.

How did you map your traktor to the djay app? When I go to Configure Traktor s2… i Just get a blank configuration screen and pressing buttons on the controller doesn’t do anything. I *really* want to map the s2 to djay pro because it’s the controller I bought and I just paid $50 for djay pro so I could have spotify integration!

Found the thread, thank you :slight_smile: http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

You need to switch your S2 to MIDI mode - it normally uses a different communication type when being used with Traktor that’s supposedly higher-resolutuion than MIDI.

I think holding both Shift buttons does it. You may also need to do something in the Traktor Pro 2 preferences. There’s a thread somewhere here on the Algoriddim forums that explains it further, but hopefully this gets you on the right track.


are you done yet?